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Water Well

The wells have a special place in the folk culture of Şanlıurfa which has an ancient history of 12 thousand years. Especially, Prophet Job Well, Prophet Shuaib Well and Prophet Moses Well with the well named ‘The felt handkerchief that Jesus sent to the king of the city ‘are so famous. There are wells in over a thousand mansion- style stone houses with yard in Urfa. Wells were decisive when buying and selling houses. The wells that fulfill our elders water needs in the past. In time, dried up and facing extinction. Nowadays, many wells were protected only visually. The Wells supplies from rain, snow and underground sources. Waters was filled from the well had given life to people. It believed to the tea with well water has a distinct flavor. The Wells, carefully stores water from the sky and by taking it out to the earth and turning it back to nature. Thus it has been a source of life for human beings.

Biography: Born in 1975, Şanlıurfa. Graduated from secondary school and continues to open high school.  He works as a photographer at Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality Press and Public Relations Department. As a local researcher-photographer, his articles and photographs were published in many local magazines, journals and books. In 2016, ‘’İnsan Emektir’’ (Human is Labor) is a short film that he wrote the scenario and directed; won 3rd prize at ‘Labor’ themed international short film competition of HAK-İŞ Confederation. He is married and father of three children.