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The Scarabs

In ancient Egypt, scarabs symbolized the life, immortality and existence. According to the Egyptians, the phases of the sun showed the phases of life. The transformation of the scarabs from egg to larvae, pupae and a new scarab in the stool ball under the ground was similar to the rebirth of the sun every day.

They perform an ecological function that today's technology in the world can achieve at a very high cost: they clean the world from the feces of large herbivores. In particular, they disintegrate the feces of large herbivores such as elephants and cattle. They give the stool a ball shape, using its hind legs, to quickly roll it backwards. The stool ball can be 3-4 cm in diameter depending on the size of the species. These insects can travel 1300 m long until they bury the stool ball. In this way, they both feed themselves and their offspring, and have an environment of feces where their eggs can develop in a safe way.

Biography: He was born in 1974 in Bursa. He graduated from Hürriyet Industry vocational high-school in 1991. He runs his own business. He completed his first photography basic training at BUFSAD in 2018. He continues his photography studies in the development workshop. He is a member of BUFSAD.