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Monk Mountain / Uludag


Uludağ is the sanctuary of monks, the mountain of the gods and the source of the Bursa legends... A wise who has lived for hundreds of years with the secrets it has kept and the memories it has accumulated…

Each mountain is adorned with legends; it has a story fictionalized with fairy tale giants, rain, storm and lightning gods. Uludağ, the holy mountain of the gods, the shelter of Christian monks and Muslim dervishes, is in a separate place with its secrets hidden among the mountains in Anatolia, its memories and firsts.

Biography: Born in 1955, Kiğı. He settled in Istanbul in 1967. After completing his secondary education, he worked at İşbank. He has been living in Bursa since 2010. He attended the art of painting course at BUSMEK and continued his oil painting works. For a while, he continued his acrylic painting works at Görükle Youth Center. He held exhibitions. He started taking amateur photographs by participating in nature and cultural trips. Between 2018 and 2019, he took part in photography exhibitions on World Environment Day and World Forest Day.