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Alternate Realities


In the last two years Linda has been experimenting with alternative photo techniques - icm (intentional camera movement), multiple exposure, and zoom - while continuing with traditional photography.  Always wanting to use her photos in new ways she began to play with combining ‘regular’ photos with those using alternative techniques.  These diptychs are the result of this experimentation

Biography: She was born in 1949 in New York State, USA. After graduating with a BA in English Literature from the University of Maryland, she married and immediately began a life of travel, following her husband to live in various areas of the US, in France, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Morocco, and Lebanon. She first lived in Turkey in the early 70’s, then again in the 80’s and in 1997 she settled permanently in Istanbul. While living in Paris in 1991, Linda began to study photography using black and white film. Then life intervened and her camera was packed away until 2007, when she started looking at her surroundings with a photographic eye and traded in her old film cameras to enter the digital era. In 2010 Linda closed her Grand Bazaar Shop (Deli Kızın Yeri), retired, and began putting her creative energy into photography full time. Since then she has been regularly participating in classes, workshops, exhibits and photographic traveling. In 2017 she exhibited both in the Bursa FotoFest and at Le Cuistot restaurant in Istanbul. In 2018 Linda held her first solo gallery exhibit, Luminosity, in Istanbul. Linda’s last three solo books are:  Unexpected (2018), Moments (2017) and My Istanbul (2015).  She also contributed to the book (dis)connected (2018).