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The Pigeon Caretakers

Mankind has always been together with animals. Tamed the horse; made short the long way of Middle Ages, found undiscovered continents with it. Tamed dogs, from herding sheep to taking cheese, fat, milk, meat, wool. In other word mankind has taken his share from life as a whole. The eye of the human who continued to analyze animals caused his love to shout, and say; ‘Sometimes I fly high above and watching the earth’ to birds and their flapping wings. This story is also the story of love fluttering in the sky. Although this story is not Hezarefen’s but those who respect him, "Pigeon lovers" story ...

Biography: Born in 1984, Van. She graduated from Bursa Cumhuriyet High School in 2001. She still continues her education at Department of Public Administration of Anadolu University. Her talent for sketching and her passion for being a photojournalist reinforced her interest in photography.  She attended the Istanbul Institute of Business Administration examinations and deserved the certificate of photography education. She professionally worked as a product and advertising photographer. She took basic and advanced photography courses at BUFSAD.  She continues her activities at BUFSAD development workshop.