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The Cyclical Lifes


From the first time the existence of mankind is always in changing and transforming. In this way, they began to rule and shape their environment by stripping out of his primitive self. With these changes and transformations; their expectations, value judgments and perspective on life changed almost completely. Rapidly developing technology and money, such as elements in this case also began to affect human life. Mankind has shaped himself positively in the process in which they can adapt to their environment and most of the time he transformed the living spaces according to their own ideology. In the routine functionality of life, when all of these are called convenience and development, they appear as a rational point of view and when be unable to cope with it, the only alternative is to escape.

In this project, I explain through the art of photography; how human beings adopt a lifestyle towards nature in harmony with nature as a whole and at the same time how they shape nature and break away from nature for its own purposes.


Biography: Born in 1983, Edirne. He completed his undergraduate studies with honors from Art teaching department of Education Faculty of Trakya University. Then, he graduated from Photography department of Institute of Fine Arts of Dokuz Eylül University with first degree. Since 2005 he has been teaching art and photography. He has received many national and international awards. He is currently a PhD candidate and continues his thesis at Department of Art and Design of Institute of Fine Arts of Dokuz Eylül University.