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Redline to Deadline

This project’s aim is giving a breath to nature that we continue full speed destruction after industrial revolution. Organelles of Nature are people, animals, trees, stones, earth and water. These values, which Putnam clarifies with the concept of social capital. As a society, we need to protect it for the public interest. I aim to raise awareness with my project titled line ‘Redline to Deadline’. My red lines are kept in bold for attention. It is aimed to break the perception that ’the thin is worthless and inconsiderable’.

Biography: Born in 1987, Bursa. In 2006, he started Art Education Programme at Uludağ University. In 2010, he started master programme at Department of Photography of Fine Arts Institute of Dokuz Eylül University.  In April 2015, he completed his thesis entitled ‘The Relationship between Medical Imaging Methods and Photography’ and received his master's degree. In 2019, he started Bayburt University as a prelector at Photography and Videography Programme and he still continue.