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Human Similar Where He Lives

Everything on earth; soil, air, water finds harmony with existence. I wanted to present with my photos of in different parts of Anatolia; air, earth, water, human harmony and human's shape according to these factors; with philosophy of ‘Plant, animal, good, bad with the human being is the product of the land’.

Human similar where he lives
Similar to water of there, earth of there
The fish that swim in the water
The flower that pushes its ground
Smoky slope of mountains, hills
Similar to white plain of Konya
Red plain of Antep
Similar to their sky that tears are blue
Similar to sea that looks are rough
So similar that
Their houses, streets, corners
And yards


Biography: Born in 1962, Bursa. Graduted from Bursa Girs High school. Her passion for photography started in 1976 at the Hürriyet Newspaper Bursa News Agency. He worked as an amateur reporter with the efforts of the deceased Kenan Atlıer and the deceased Aziz Halkapınar, one of the most valuable Bursa journalists. Member of BUFSAD. She took basic education under BUFSAD. She paticipated Long Exposure workshop and Development workshop.  She continue her photo-works at Development workshop. Social -documentary photographs are a priority subject of her study.