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Living spaces that we seized from nature, structures that we built and the serenity of nature that we want back in time. As we begin to leave from areas we have captured, we observe that it returns to nature.

Biography: Born in 1988, Üsküdar. She graduated from Public Relations and Publicity Programme of Anadolu University in 2015 and Photography Department of Kocaeli University. She held 2 solo exhibition titled ‘Rena‘ and ‘Dedem’. She participated in 2017; Üç, Even My Mum Can Make a Book, Photo&Digital, İstanbul Photobook Festival 2, Export_01, Çarşılar&Alışverişler, Student Video Art Festival/SVAF 2017, Ütopya, Artist 2017, Bir Kent Bir Mekan, Locked, 8. Bazaart, Exhiport, İstanbul Photobook Festival and in 2018; Rituals, Genç Heyecanlar group exhibitions.