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Waking up in the arms of nature is go back a long way of life for humans. Waking up in a tent, camping, may seem too distant concepts for people who haven't experienced it yet. There are many different ways of communicating with nature. Hugging to trees and being well with feeling their energy, feeling good... Because it is a scientific fact that nature is beneficial to human psychology. On the other hand, the skyscrapers that we made, the water we polluted, the trees we destroyed, the air we polluted... Now that we wake up without hearing the sound of birds, we need to turn our face to natural life. Nothing beats camping, waking up in a tent.

Biography: Born in 1987, Bursa. Graduated from Department of Public Relations and Publicity of Anadolu University. She is a senior executive assistant in a private company. She met photography during her childhood. She loved both being in front of the lens and pressing the shutter. She took her first step with basic photography training at the Visual Culture Association. After completing, she continues to her works as a member of the association.