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From Oppositeness to Unity: Balance

Everything in nature has an opposite. Yin and Yang are two opposing poles descending and rising in Chinese philosophy. Yin, decliner. Shady, dark and negative side. Yang is the rising. Sunny, bright and positive side. The two poles are completely opposite, but both contain one another and when one pole is descending, raises the other one. Yin is slow, soft, cold, wet and dark. It expresses water, world, moon, femininity and night. In case Yang is fast, hard, hot, solid and bright. It expresses fire, sky, sun, masculinity and day. Both complete each other and one can't exist without the other. When the root like earth and darkness, the seed burgeons towards the sun and the sky. After the sprout grows and bear fruit, it falls to the ground and mixes with the earth. They melt within each other and the cycle always continues. Balance; Although they are opposite, they are provided by being one. Everything is the opposite of the whole and the two opposite poles are constantly transforming each other. Transformability enables endless infinite motion. Winter turns to summer, fall to spring, dark to light.

Biography: Born in 1967, Hamburg. Graduated from the Econometry Department of Economics and Administrative Sciences Faculty at Uludağ University. Certified Public Accountant and Independent Auditor. BursaFotoFest 2016 City Dialogues ’Sokaklar' (Streets), 2017 Bazaars & Shopping ‘’ Çiçek Mezatı '' (Flower Auction), 2018 Rituals, solo work: ‘’ Hacı Uğurlama & Karşılma'' (Farewelling & Welcoming a Haji), group work: ''Hıdırellez’‘ and ‘‘ Köy Hayırları'’ ( Solidarity Dinners of Villages) projects. In 2019, her photographs took part in ‘’Köklerim Var Benim Geçmişten Miras / Görsel Kültürüm’’ (I Have Roots From The Past, My Legacy / My Visual Culture) exhibition organized by the Visual Culture Association and other group exhibitions. She takes photographs for two different projects.