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The Silent Scream


Our forests where we rest in the green, cool and breathe in the shade. Nature hosts many living things in peace and harmony with each other. We have to watch with hurt so bad in our heart  that forest fires, sometimes caused by natural causes, sometimes by unscrupulous actions of grotty people. A cigarette butt thrown thoughtlessly, a broken piece of glass, barbecue fires left not extinguished, weed and stubble cleaning fires burned uncontrollably and ignorantly destroy our forests. In fact we know that; climate will change with every lost forest, there will be drought, the diversity of living will be reduced, earth will become unusable, in short, when all the ecological balance disrupted, all living things in the forest will be destroyed. Air will be polluted, water will be polluted, earth will be polluted…

And only the Silent Scream will remain ...

Biography: Born in 1968, Hamburg. Graduated from the Management Faculty of Anadolu University. She participated Visual Culture team’s  group exhibitions named ‘Vendors on the Street’ and ‘Historical Inns and Bazaar District of Bursa’ which are presented at 2017 Bursa PhotoFest ınder  the theme  ‘Shopping  & Bazaars’. In 2018 The festival was held under the theme of Rituals and she personally worked on the “Gelin Hamamı ” (The Bridal Bath) project. In 2019 she took part in the group exhibition titled 'Köklerim var benim geçmişten miras-görsel kültürüm '( I have roots, my heritage-visual culture from the past).