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Kitchen Garden 1997

A photo series from 1997-1998. Family tensions, summer weekend trips to my mother-in-law's summer house just outside Moscow. It was a standard land parcel, a remainder from the Soviet Union, given completely to a vegetable garden, with no chance of finding a tiny wild spot to sit down. Walking outside, looking under my feet, I was reminded of a popular children's book I had once read, Jan Larry's "The Incredible Adventures of Karik and Valya," about kids who had taken a magic potion that made them shrink a hundred-fold and their journey among gigantic herbs and weeds. Years have passed, the plot has been enlarged, plowed, seeded with noble grass, and the spirit of the kitchen garden has evaporated forever. Today, after my divorce, this is a forsaken, disputed plot with emerald-green leaves of grass reaching waist level, mixed with weeds that grow on a ground well-fertilized in over a hundred years...

Biography: (born in 1961) lives and works in Moscow. He is a photographer and teaches a workshop at the Rodchenko Moscow School of Photography and Multimedia. During the Perestroika and glasnost period he did an independent photo project dedicated to Soviet young and rock musicians. Since the 90's he shoots the streets of Moscow and describes the changes in the Russian capital, from the fall of the USSR to the rise of the new Russia. He is also the author of many portraits of Russians artists and personalities. His pictures are in the collections of the Museum of Modern Аrt (New York), the State Tretyakov Gallery and the Multimedia Аrt Museum (Moscow), Fonds National d’Аrt Contemporian (France), the Corcoran Gallery of Аrt (Washington).