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The earth is simply; not a food store and not a rubbish bin for human beings. The Earth has its own needs and dynamics even that we ignore at the risk of our disaster. Seeing nature as a resource community that satisfy the needs of people, means an invitation to destruction of the environment.

Biography: In 1995, she started her career as a classroom teacher. She held her first solo photography exhibition in Erzincan Culture Directorate Exhibition Hall. With the income of the photographs that she sold, she established a ‘children's library’ at her school. Between 2014- 2019, she trained basic photography to adults in the Directorate of Public Education, students in the school under the Directorate of National Education Karsiyaka. She get to the finals with her photo-works at 10th and 11th Sami Güner Coup. She played an active role in the management of Izmir Photography Art Association and Aegean Photography and Cinema Amateurs Association.