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Bird Nests

The story of a rock starting in magma and turning into gravel, sand and soil; made me imagine the life stories of human beings and other living things that have taken place since the existence. Human beings have made incredible improvement with their life stories reaching from caves to skyscrapers. The life and shelter instincts of animals have never changed.

Birds are the most skilled creatures in nesting. Swallows weave their nests with mud and straw. Storks build their nests in the high places like roofs and poles. Ploceidaes weave their nests with leaf fibers on tree branches. Bee-eaters nest in the cavities in the ground. Waterfall Swallows make their nests in caves behind waterfalls.

Nature constantly renews itself. In nature, animals make their own nests according to their genetic codes. Their stories of water, air, earth and return to nature continue unchanged. Only human beings produce more to develop above nature and we can change the balance of nature while producing. Maybe one day, not the skyscrapers, but nature takes care of us so that our return to nature begins.

Biography: Born in 1972, Çanakkale. She started photography in a course given by Visual Culture Association in 2014. She participated BursaPhotoFest with ‘’Bread’’ project in 2017. In 2018, she took part in the group project titled ''Hıdrellez'' with the Visual Culture Association at the festival, which was held under the theme of Rituals within the scope of BursaPhotoFest.