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Foundry Life


Casting is carried out by filling the liquid metal melted at 1538 °C into molds made of sand, which is surrounded by wood and metal, with a cavity having the shape of the part to be produced.

The foundry life begins in the early hours of the morning. After the craftsmen put on their work clothes, they start to make sand molds, some of them are sifting sand and some are working on the mold of the piece to be made. This process continues until the nxt coming shift and until the evening hours. Most of the molds that will be poured in the evening are ready. Rigorous and dangerous moments await the workers who will come in the evening.

The shifts are done and the workers run the boiler to melt the iron whan the evening reaches its time. After reaching 1538 °C, the scrap iron is thrown into the boiler and hold on until the iron melts. The meltet iron is poured into the molds prepared in the morning. Meanwhile, the recently casted molds are being dashed. The part inside is partially ready. This casting process continues until morning. You are wondering rightly why they cast in the evening; the reason for that is to benefit more from the industrial electricity and since electricity is much cheaper at night. The irons poured into the molds and got hardened are removed from the molds and prepared ready for use after some finishing.

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