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Spinoza talks about "Conatus" that means "Effort on staying exist" in "Ethica" which is accepted his masterpiece. For Spinoza, if something exists, it’s in an effort to stay existing for all its existence. Spinoza use Conatus concept for not only humans or creatures that can think, he use it as an impulse for also rocks, water, earth and plants. For Spinoza, there's no any existence that destroys itself without any reason from outside. He explains Conatus at Ethica like that:

"Everything works hard to keep itself exist" and "Nothing can be destroyed, except by a cause external to itself… the definition of anything affirms the essence of that thing... it postulates the essence of the thing, but does not take it away. So long therefore as we regard only the thing itself, without taking into account any external causes, we shall not be able to find in it anything which could destroy it."

Biography: Born in 1977, Germany. He earned a bachelor's degree at History Department of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Pamukkale University. He got a master's degree at Systematic Philosophy and Logic Main Department at the Institute of Social Sciences of Pamukkale University. Then he held a doctoral degree from Plastic Arts Department of the Institute of Social Sciences, Kocaeli University. He held solo exhibitions at different fests and events. He participated different group exhibitions. He currently goes on his academic career at Kocaeli University.