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Moods of the Sky

Initially, I had no intention of returning to nature. As young man who grew up emulating the city's magical lights, seducing streets, colorful stories. I was a kind of boy that believed in the existence of a nature of concrete and iron. As soon as I stepped into nature that deeply influenced American poetry, I realized that it was a great mistake to assume that everything in the center of human would be truth. Nature was nothing short of manifest of the cosmic harmony that God has given us. Air, earth and water have archetypal nobility and purity that repair the human soul, deeply affected me and my world of thought. Nature is like a lover who likes to surprise its lovers with their extraordinary situations and light games. When you are distant, you get the impression that it is very simple, and when you get close, it is the absolute sophistication that awaits you. Just like human nature.

Biography: Born in 1973, İstanbul. He had a master degree on Eastern Languages and Literatures. In 1998, he held his first solo exhibition titled ‘Kahire’den İstanbul’a’ (From Cairo to Istanbul). He worked as an art director of an Istanbul based agency for 5 years. In 2003, he held an exhibition titled ‘Bir Çocuğa Rüya’ (Dream for A Child). In 2005, he settled in America. He studied Comparative Religions and Islamic Art at The George Washington University. During the same years, he established his own design office in Washington, DC. In 2009, he opened his digital exhibition ‘Momentaries’. Her work has been published in many international design and photography magazines. In addition, he translated Abdulmecid Sivasi's Mesnevi Dictionary and S. H. Nasr's intellectual autobiography into Turkish.