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My portfolio consists of ‘birds. Bird photography is a serious piece of patience as well as good equipment support. You wait for hours, and most of the time you don't get a good shot but you try again and again, and I think that's the beauty of bird photography. The logic that the more difficult thing is the more valuable thing.

I aim to aware of these animals that more beneficial to nature to people and who we share nature with. Watching and photographing them in their natural environment, and through these photographs, at least for the time being, I strive to pay attention to these beauties.

Running after them is extremely enjoyable and is a kind of therapy despite all the ordeal.

Biography: Born in 1964, Ankara. She finished her primary, secondary and high school education in the same city.  Then she graduated from German language Departmant of Education Faculty of Gazi University. In 1986, she started to work in the Ministry of Finance and she is still working as an income specialist in the same ministry. In 2010, she started to taking photography since that day, she has always loved being in nature and photographing living things in nature. In particular, she aimed to take photos of butterflies, other insects and slightly birds. She still lives in Ankara. She continues to taking photographs of the country's butterflies, insects and birds, especially in Ankara.