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The Mirror of My Nature


I existed before I existed ‘me’
Which is me but not from me
Both my mirror and me as an observer
My first reflection…
I have to be visible, breathe, infatuated, succeed in taking root.
I became; I've seen, I've appeared, I've fallen in love
I've flowed into the future with my roots
I missed my essence
I found it more at dispassionate than being 'myself'
I understood there was a cycle where the upper world is reflected below
In this multiple illusion,
I’ve lose myself and went back to ‘primer’
And now I say; the real ‘me’ is in my primitive


Biography: Born in 1984, Kadirli. Graduated from Education Faculty of Hacettepe University. She is still working as a teacher in Adana. In 2014, she participated in various trainings at the Photography Art and Cinema Association of which he is a member and started photography. During this period, she took part in photography projects with the contribution of her professional knowledge for disadvantaged children and prevention of child labor. She still continues to work on documentary and street photography.