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Beğiş Susuzu

They say Beğiş Susuzu is a settlement for 900 years that placed 60 kilometers away from Antalya and next to Kömürcü Mountain. There's houses half destroyed and restored. Nowadays, villagers use Beğiş Susuzu as a winter quarter because they have to pay attention to climate conditions and animals nature for nomadic life. For that reason, they call Beğiş Susuzu as a settlement that usually use between October-May. Houses in Beğiş Susuzu that a yoruk settlement, have typical nomad-yoruk architecture. They usually have two floor and because of rarity of trees they're usually made by rock and adobe. Their housetops usually flat. They're designed functional. They use lower floors for storage, barn, stable, coop or woodshed and top floors use for living area. Rooms at the top floors proper for multipurpose use except kitchen. It's proper to sit, have a lunch, entertain a guest and also it's proper for bathroom. This village needs a proper restoration and we have to support our younger people. We have to transfer this village to next generations and keep this legacy alive.

Biography: Works as a freelance doctor in Antalya. He is a member of ANFAD and Sille Art Palace. He assumes the title of AFIAP. He's the first representative of Turkey for LPWA-The Light Painting World Alliance. He's working on documentary and street photography. He's also working on photographies medical side because of he's doctor. He's married and have a child.