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The Tiny Architect of Nature: Snail

Also known as; SLUG!
Every living thing is beautiful, but everyone can't see the beauty of it.
IT who doesn't see me, but I who saw it!
Why I took its photographs?

Why I took?

Its decisive, faithful, resistant walk...  is the basic condition of its life with its slippery bright TRACE, which it left behind; couldn’t the photos I took are the TRACEs that I want to leave behind?

“Protecting nature is by reason.” – Atatürk

Biography: Born in 1956, Bursa. She completed her primary, secondary, high school and university education in Bursa. She worked as a chemistry teacher, respectively; in Gemlik High School, Gürsu Secondary School, Bursa Zübeyde Hanım Anatolian Girls Vocational and Technical High School. Her photography hobby, which began four years ago with a basic photography training seminar, is currently in progress with the ‘Hayatı Fotoğrafla’ team. She is still working on learning the world of photography and showing what she sees with photography.