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Nilüfer Creek On Path Of Water


Not so much time ago, our country, which was a water rich country with 4,000 M3 per capita until 20 years ago, has lost 65% of its resources and the average amount of usable water has dropped to 1500 M3. The more serious one; According to the predictions of scientists this amount will fall down below 1,000 M3 by 2035 and will become a country poor of water. 74% of our water resources are consumed in agriculture, 11% in industry and 15% in domestic use. In addition to the rapid decrease in our resources; superficial irrigation, population growth, pollution and unconscious use, which causes a lot of waste of water in agriculture, will make our access to water more difficult in the near future and increase its vital importance.

In this fest organized by “Gruop us” with the theme "Air, water, soil.. Getting back to nature"; We wanted to accompany the adventure of Nilüfer Stream, which is the only and most important river of Bursa, to the Karacabey Strait where it was born from the southern skirts of Uludağ and poured into the sea. We wish a world that is abundant in water and can be shared fairly.


Cengiz Çırpan

He was born in 1959 in Merzifon. He graduated from the M.U. Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences. After retiring from a private bank, he studied photography at basic and advanced exchange levels. He participated in Bursa Photography Days in 2013 and BursaFotoFest in 2014 and 2018. He won prizes in various competitions. He took place in the first team BUFSAD Turkey Cup held in 2018 in the photo contest.

Lemiye Orakçı

She was born in Şavşat in 1960. She worked as a physiotherapist in Uludağ University Medical Faculty Hospital between 1984-2004. In 2008, she took a basic training course from BUFSAD. She participated in Tahtakale, abstract photography, World Water Day and nature photography exhibitions at BUFSAD. She participated in group exhibitions at BursaFotoFest in 2016, 2017, 2018.

Engin Hocaoğlu

He was born in 1956 in Bursa. He graduated from Ankara Technical High School for Teachers in 1979. He worked as a teacher for 6 years. After completing his master's degree in Business and Production Management, he moved to the private sector. He assumed the responsibility of Production Planning Unit and continued his working life. He retired in 2009. In 2014, he took basic and advanced photography trainings in Bursa Photography Art Association (BUFSAD). He participated in workshops, presentations and exhibitions. He participated in BUFSAD group exhibition of BursaFotoFest/2014.

Nurcan Yahşi

She was born in Mustafakemalpaşa, Bursa. She took basic photography and documentary trainings from two different organizations. She recently attended BursaFotoFest 3 times. She took part in many group exhibitions. She opened personal photography and painting exhibitions. She has won exhibitions from various national and international competitions. She has been a member of BUFSAD for 10 years and Bursa Women Painters Association for 30 years.