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Homo Scafandricus

Homo Scaphandricus appeared in my life on Iturup island, in the Sea of Okhotsk in the Far East.  We can say, it has landed. This meeting despite its happenstance, it seemed to me as meaningful and filled   undeveloped unformulated symbolism

Cosmonauts not only are familiar with space suit physiologically, intimately. By virtue of nature of the profession they turned out to be a step ahead of mankind forcedly; and that the bulk of the population experiences as disturbing and hard intuition, for them it is a habitual reality.

Cosmonauts have been perceiving the space suit as a natural extension of biological evolution of restless and nervous Homo Sapiens for a long time. In this environment the space suit is not perceived as a kind of intention, but as a kind of of Exo-skeleton, comparable, for example, with tortoise shell and performed the same function - protection of fundamentally hostile landscape.

Biography: (born in 1982) - conceptual artist and musician, resides in Moscow, Russia. Since early age Grigory has played the clarinet and got classical music education at Gnessin Musical College and then in Astrakhan State Conservatory. Already an accomplished musician he entered the field of photography, studying photojournalism at the famous newspaper Izvestia School, and getting a degree in conceptual photography in Rodchenko School of Photography and Multimedia.  Grigory studies the boundaries of social fantasy and utopia, exploring themes of loneliness, isolation, escapism. Among his methods is deep immersion in the subject and close interaction with the subjects of shooting – hunters in Eastern Siberia, anorexic girls from the Russian province, freaks and marginals of St. Petersburg   – thus leading sometimes to a dangerous convergence, since in his search he used to go all the way.

2013-2016 Rodchenko Moscow School of Photography and Multimedia, department of documentary photography, course of Valeriy Nistratov. Moscow, Russia.
2012 Workshop "How to turn your project into a great photobook" (Hannes Wanderer, Peperoni Books). Moscow, Russia
2012 Izvestia School of photojournalism, Moscow
2002-2007 Astrakhan State Conservatory
1997-2001 Gnessin Musical College

Selected exhibitions
2019 - "Melting point", Field of Experiences, Balashikha, Russia
2018 - "Migration", Field of Experiences, Balashikha, Russia
2017 - "Under the fence", Field of Experiences, Balashikha, Russia