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Arts of Ground


Earth where living and inanimate beings exist; can be likened to a large canvas. The views created by nature with their own instruments on this canvas; qualified miraculousness and admirable. The image shaped with; the wind, the storm, the rain, the hail, the snow, the sun, the cold, the heat; those who tried to do better and more beautiful; couldn’t go beyond imitation. Nature, despite human and involve human's actions, continues to sign its name on the canvas.

Realized that human add their own interpretation on their environment when they alone and focus only on nature. To see these, it is enough to look from the height level to the ground.

What nature has laid these views on the ground, under our feet is possible to qualify as a work of art. Because these work created by nature as a gesture, have a developing and changing character like art of installation.

The work that you see in the exhibition includes the photographic testimony of the works of art that Mother Nature laid under my feet.

Biography: Born in 1963, Lefkoşa. In 1981, he started his career in journalism. He worked as a Photojournalist for 20 years. In 1991, he founded the Association of Photojournalists of Northern Cyprus and served as its president. Between 1987- 2019, he held 13 solo exhibitions consisting of news-sports- dark room and computer photos. Some of these exhibitions were repeated in Istanbul, Ankara, Adana, Izmir and Akşehir. Between 1999-2013, he organized the event of International Photography Days of Near East University 9 times. In 2012 he graduated from Department of Plastic Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts and Design. In 2018, he completed his master’s degree at the same department. He is the Coordinator of the Vocational School of Photography and Videography under the Faculty of Communication. He has 7 published books on the history of Cyprus and photography.