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5th Season at Floodplain - Infrared


I wanted to show you Floodplain of Karacabey in this exhibition with different perspective. These photographs are taken by a special machine that can see 590 nm and right in the midday. Floodplain; is a special ecosystem formed in the place where the river accumulates as a result of the accumulation of the sands brought by the creeks flowing into the sea, forming a set on the shore and closing the exit. Karacabey has the largest floodplain forestland in four known floodplain forests in Turkey (İğneada/Kırklareli - Acarlar/Sakarya - Sarıkum/Sinop - Karacabey/Bursa) and it's at the pouring area of Kocaçay Delta that consisted of Susurluk River to Sea of Marmara.

And infrared photography gives you a chance to record things that you can't see...

In these infrared photographes you will see the trees white-yellow due to degree of reflection rays that actually green, and sky and waters (sky, lake etc.) will seen much darker because they're reflecting so low. Generally, you'll have more contrast photos with very few and pastel colors.

To give brief information; the human eye is sensitive to light in a restricted zone between 400 nanometers (purple spectrum) and 700 nanometers (red spectrum), known as visible light. We can't see outside of this zone. Infrared rays take place in the zone between 700-1.350nm, but start at 550nm and end at 1.500nm.

Biography: Born in 1968, Uzunköprü, EDİRNE. He graduate of Uludağ University, Textile Engineering. He's a member of BUFSAD. He captioned as EFIAP. He's also works as an educator at BUFSAD. He's interested in nature and rural life photography and also long exposure and infrared photography. He's almost 750 prizes and exhibitions at country and abroad. His last rewards are; International Photography Contest of AFAD 2019, IAAP Ribbon, FIAP Clubs Cup 2018, personal mention and TFSF Cup 2018 and first cup of BUFSAD.