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Winter and Life in Bingöl Countryside

White is a wonder of nature; a collection of particles that form the image of the earth like dressed in a bridal gown. A new order that these particles will bring to the living and inanimate nature.

Mankind has always sought a solution in the environment in which he lives. Human continues their life with difficulties and beauties. Organized; hunting, competitions, winter night entertainment in Bingöl. Difficult living conditions turn into entertainment when mankind seeks solutions. Playing with animals around the sheep pen, sleeping and to break the ice around the sheep pen is a natural and candid game.

This story aims to share with you the people in divergent regions of the east, challenging nature conditions and people who turn this challenging life to beauty.

Biography: Born in 1991, Bingöl. Hre completed his undergraduate education in Adıyaman and İstanbul. His interest in photography comes from his wonder to nostalgic family photographs taken during his childhood. He took course at BUFSAD in 2017. Then he continued to work at BUFSAD. He participated at photomarathons in the country. He lives in Bingöl and makes basic photography training initiatives at Bingöl Public Education Center. His primary work is nature-documentary and minimal photographs.