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The Mist

The mist intervene between reality and us, like a wall of droplets. Covers ugliness. It adds mystery and magic to beauty. Mist blows the soul to everything that is monotony, with the mystery that brings another taste to beauties and creates magical places. Even if the fog that rolled in, give our souls the creeps, it will swing with the wind and make you fall in love to itself. You watch for it, you always want it to come. When it arrives, your soul withdraws up, led by it on a journey to the land of wonders. What melts in each other, what they show and what you want to see; it keeps you in a dream paradise you never want to wake up.

Biography: Born in İzmir. Interested in Photography in 2013. That year she took basic and later advanced level photography course within BUFSAD. She got AFIAP in 2015 and EFIAP in 2016. She is currently a lecturer at the Immunology Department of Medical Faculty, Uludağ University and also gives photography lessons.