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The Paddy Field

Paddy that although it contains a small amount of protein in its composition, it is rich in amino acids necessary for nutrition, is the most used cereal product after wheat in the human food chain. It is also the main food source for more than half of the people in the world. Paddy which is the only cereal type that can germinate in water and develops using oxygen dissolved in water, has an important place in agriculture in many countries, including Turkey. The most important reason for the increase in rice production in Turkey, especially in the last 10 years has significantly increased productivity. The photographs were taken in Osmancık district of Çorum where famous Osmancık rice was grown. The paddy fields look like a great graphical feast.

Biography: Born in 1963, Erzincan. In 2011, she started photography with training of IFSAK. In 2013, she finished Photography and Videography Programme of Anadolu University. She attended group exhibitions and she held solo exhibitions. She received 1st prize at category of ‘Paylaşmak’ (Sharing) of National Geographic Turkey Competition in 2013 and 2nd prize category of ‘Mekan’ (Space)of the same competition. In 2014, she recived AFIAP title.