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Aesthetics in Nature - Tree Barks


Trees are the guards of nature with their arms opened up towards the sky and their upright trunks. They are the largest living organisms on Earth. Trees grow from a tiny seed.  When the seed meets the earth, it takes root to the depths, and then takes the form of a tree over time on the earth surface. The bark of the trunk must be constantly cracked and spilled for the tree to grow. If we take a closer look at the bark, we can see how aesthetic they are. Juniper, pine, palm, plane tree… They are one of the best examples of aesthetics in nature with its wonderful barks.

Tree bark sometimes presents a pattern that we want to see above us, sometimes as an abstract painting. A close look is enough to notice. This series tells the story of bark that grow and grow trees by cracking and offering new patterns and paintings in completely different colors each year.

Biography: Born in 1975, Bursa. She graduated from Agricultural Engineering of Uludağ University in 1999. She continues her carrier at her company. Her interest of visual art, started her school years with oil painting works. She also continues art of photography. She has completed Basic Photography training under BUFSAD and continues to work in Development Workshop. Member of BUFSAD.