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The Charcoal Pit Burners

The story of the hard work done while the oak trees convert to barbecue charcoals. The sine qua non of our barbecue pleasure, which is the name of the charcoal production, is carried out in or near the oak forests close to the raw material by opening charcoal burning pits. The charcoal burners stick the oak trees into the pits like tent poles and let them burn for 10-15 days and let them cool down for 1-2 days after the burning process they expected is realized. Afterwards they distribute, sort and sieve them and produce the barbecue charcoals which are indispensible for our barbecue delight and dinner table. This is the short story of charcoal pit burners which is one of the almost lost profession groups.

Biography: He was born in Bursa in the year of 1963. He finished his education in Bursa. He got fascinated by the photography when he ran away from the negative impacts of the work and daily life. He rendered it as his life style rather it was a hobby for him at the beginning. He is married and he is the father of two children.