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The Beauty of Transformation


The geological formation that monumental quality caused by erosion of lake deposits as a result of water and wind erosion that  belongs to Late Miocene-Early Pliocene period in a valley.

The fairy chimneys in the Celil Strait, which is located within the borders of Kuşça town of Cihanbeyli district of Konya, is so different than Cappadocia and Narman.  Despite the destruction, fairy chimneys spread to the strait continue to challenge time. In fact, the trees of the forested area were cut by time. The Strait of Celil and its surroundings now look like a desert.  However, the valley owes its legendary appearance to erosion. Thousands of years of transformation have created these magnificent natural monuments. Celil Strait is surrounded by fault lines. Crushed parts are easier to worn due to faults; the hard cuts resisted and protected the underlying layers. It is unique each seasons and fascinating visual feast, especially in autumn sunsets.

Biography: Born in 1962, Şereflikoçhisar - Ankara. He finished his primary, secondary and high school education at Ankara. In 1985, he grauated Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences of Gazi University. In 2012, he started photography at Basic Photography Trainings that he has been interested in photography since his youth with the AGFA brand camera acquired in 1975. In 2014, he participated Advance level Photography Trainings at ASMMMO Fotoğraf Topluluğu (ASMMMO Photo Communuty). He attented a photography exhibition that themed ‘Production- Movement’ with his work named ‘the Cake Production’. He continues his projects at AFSAD.