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Be Closer-Feel-Touch


According to the current data of science, assumed that there is only life on Earth. The continuation of the existence of humans and all other living beings - indispensable beings such as air, water, earth - is only possible together. Our world is changing and deteriorating with rapid population growth, for the sake of rent and interest. It will become very difficult to live that rapidly drifting into a dystopic environment. The situation is not different in our country as in the whole world.

It shouldn’t be forgotten that; the right of us - humans - to live in nature is no more than other creatures. Thinking otherwise is betraying the right to life that first of all to our own species and accordingly the other creatures that we live together. Without them, this world will eventually reject us.

I don't know if I have anything to say for adults but my target audience is children and young people. Using the language of the art of photography, I aim to take the audience on a journey towards the mystery of nature with this exhibition.

Lucky me, if I can touch.


Biography: Born in 1951, İzmir. He still continues his pharmacy profession. He has been interested in the art of photography for more than 40 years. He is founding member of Izmir Photography Art Association. He is a member of İzmir Nature Photographers.  He has international and national photography awards. He took a place solo and group exhibitions as national and international. He was a member of the selection committee. He gave trainings on photography.