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Embrace the Earth!


Earth; provides living space for people, plants and animals. In a ground suitable for growing plants has air, water, organic substances and minerals. Millions of living organisms, lives in the ground. It takes thousands of years for a thick agricultural land to form. The agricultural land that is formed in such a long time and which is very important for living things, asphalt, concrete is poured, apply unconscious disinfectant and artificial manure is destroyed by using. This reduces the required water resources; it also pollutes water and air. We will face undernourishment and hunger if we don't protect fertile agricultural land. There is no life without earth. Trees that hold around the ground, shouting that 'preserving the natural balance is important to the lives of humans and other living beings’; give examples of struggles not to lose earth.

In the hope of the same wrestle with in our people…   Let's embrace the earth!

Biography: Born in 1969, Artvin. He studied Classroom Teaching at KTU Giresun Faculty of Education.He attended Basic Photography and Documentary Photography trainings at Bursa Photographic Art Asociation (BUFSAD). He took a part in Nature Photography Workshop of Photography Branch of Koza Mountaineering Culture Art and Sports Club Association. As a result of this workshop, his photographs were exhibited in a group exhibition entitled Forest Week. Yazar, who lives in Bursa, works as a classroom teacher. As an amateur, he is interested in photography for hobby.