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Çine Rocks

Driving on the Çine - Yatağan highway, you can suddenly find yourself in a valley with the oldest rocks of Anatolia. The gneiss rocks extending from Beşparmaklar to Gökbel Mountain and Madran have created an interesting and magnificent image in this geography. Millions of years of wind and rain have shaped its present state of valley that mysterious and natural wonder. Human beings have always existed in every places where there is air, water and earth. Many things that nature doesn’t wear or destroy; sometimes intentionally and sometimes unintentionally destroyed by humans. In our era, we have just started to understand its importance that; It is time to claim air, water, earth and our history.

Biography: Born in 1964, Konya. He graduated from German Language Teaching of Education Faculty of Selcuk University.  In 2012, In 2012, he was the president of MARFOD. He is a member of AFSAD (2018) and Urla Photography and Cinema Volunteers Association since 2016. He held in 4 solo exhibitions -3 in Turkey and 1 in London- and participated more than 55 group exhibitions. Between 2012- 2018, he won more than 155 awards in national and international photography contests.