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Living Out of Spite


Sometimes, life gets meaningless, makes you dark and you are on the ropes...
Your bright days turns into a night and it makes you surprise
You suppose that you're impossible to hold on to life
And one day you turn back to life and take offence...
Just then you'll see a tree that stand strong on hard rocks
It hold on to life with all its power against every impossiblities...
That moment, you'll be ashamed by you and your inabilities.
‘Tree’ That Hold on to Life With Obstinate gives you messages from nature;
It whispers you that you can hold on to life, to Living with out of spite...
Then you will be enlightened by noticing of your own power,
You will know and learn the REAL you...
That impossibilities turn into a home that makes you hold on to life.
You know, in life; what doesn't kill you makes you stronger...
You will take and understood their messages about "Living with out of spite"
And... You say "I live with out of spite


Biography: Born in 1965, Erzincan. In 2017, his photography education started with basic photography lessons that he took at Koza Mountaineering Association and BUSMEK. He hold group exhibitions called "Çevre Günü" June in 2018 and "Orman Haftası" March in 2017. He's still taking photos with passion and love. Nowadays, he's taking "Street and City Life Photography Training" at Koza Mountaineering, Culture, Art and Sports Club Association Photography Branch.