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In 1986, there's been a terrible accident at 4th reactor of Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant at midnight of 26th of April. The core of the reactor has been remain uncovered and as a result of emerging radiation, Pripyat and Chernobyl became living hell. After 25 years Ukraine government open for visit that covered area and we had a chance to see these places. The area that exposed to radiation couldn't resist to nature for a long time and cities been a part of it. Nature that run rampant around abandoned buildings and straggler memories has a perfect image but still this image is really dangerous for life. Nowadays, the area shows us a life that left behind. It's still there and untouched the picture of 80's and trace of peoples that must leave their houses behind.

Biography: Born in 1994, Istanbul. He finished primary and high school education in Üsküdar. Then he graduated from Visual Communication & Design Programme of Kocaeli University. Nowadays he is a master programme student and also advertising photographer. He's joined a workshop in Istanbul Coffee Fest at 2016. In that workshop they made a film bath for analog photographs by coffee acid instead of film baths are chemically dangerous.