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Nature, Changes and reBirth

Being in nature is a necessity of my soul. Over time, I have realized that simplicity is one of its defining characteristics. Everything that lives in nature is always looking for simplicity.

Photography is one of my passions, but it was nature that invited me to become a landscape photographer.

My journey begins when most people are still asleep and quite often on remote locations. I walk through the darkness of late evening, enhancing my senses for smells, sounds, and textures. I use this technique to connect myself to the nature and get ready to catch the soul of the twilight light.

As a way of attuning to nature, I also look for simplicity in my images.

My challenge is to look beyond the conventional, those scenes that are hidden into the soul of the nature. I want to present the changes the presence of human beings cause into the nature, its reactions and the rebirth. Nature is based on adaptability and simplicity, I believe that's is its foundation.

Biography: He was born in 1966, Brazil. Since 2015, he has been working as a full time Landscape photographer, working with some galleries selling prints. His source to capture interesting images come from expeditions to some remote places in the world. The main locations he has a chance to visit are: 2016 - Canada National Park, 2017 – Namibia, 2018 - Atacama Desert, 2019 - Patagonia - Chile and Argentina. 3 last Exhibitions: 2017 - Spectrum - Miami Art Show, 2018 - The Image like a way of thinking - Galeria Lombardi - Sao Paulo. 2018 - My Brazil My Japan - Brazil Embassy – Tokyo.