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The Eternal Return


‘… under the open sky in a countryside in which nothing remained unchanged but the clouds, and beneath these clouds, in a field of force of destructive torrents and explosions, was the tiny, fragile human body.*

However, the obsolescence of human is hidden in the nature. That makes it mysterious and sacred. Every manifestation of its’ is important. Existence and truth finds meaning in nature. Its breath gives spirit to soul. Nature is the mark of human, so it is sacred. Its birth is the birth of human, its death is the death of human, its loneliness is human's loneliness.

Admittedly, the loneliness of nature gives a sense of uncanny. The complete disappearance of nature in human thought; it will require to face the greatest paradox of human due to the human without nature, will lose the ability to understand himself. Perhaps this mystery requires death for the rebirth of nature. However, it should not be forgotten that the eternal return will be to the nature again.

*Walter Benjamin, ‘The Storyteller: Reflections on the Works of Nikolai Leskov’ [1936]


Biography: Sarıgül, originally from Mersin, took a part a lot of exhibition in Turkey and abroad. Also she held solo exhibitions titled; Köklerin rengi YÜN’, ‘Parmak Ucunda’ and ‘Pure’. She received 2nd prize from 'Kadın Gözüyle Hayattan Kareler’ Competition sponsored by Anadolu Hayat Emeklilik and she receive 1st, 2nd, honorable mention from competitions of the ministry of agriculture. She still takes photograph as well as she produce project for women, children and disadvantaged groups. She continues her mediation and activist activities in Konya.