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Seasons changes but nature always remains stable.  Mother earth helps people to the best of its ability. It nourishes, protects and waits for us. Some communities are aware of this blessing. They love Mother Earth like their own mother and respect them. They protect and feed trees like their brothers. The trees also thank them with coming into flowers and sharing their fruits.  When these people building their houses, they do not rout nature. These people protects; the way of stream, the shadows of trees, the natural shape of grass and flowers on it.  Sometimes, the weather is very beautiful. The Mother Earth encolors everywhere like a painter. Does it always go on like this? No… Some winters passes hard but all living things knows that; the sun will rise at the end of every night. The roads are covered with snow, it closes. Sometimes there are lack of supple but these people are full of hope and amity again. They earns their daily bread in harmony, without fray and with love. They support eachother, like the people of Machael or ‘Bazgiret’ with their own phrases. The bighearted people of here carry spirit, bear responsibility, adheres to the conditions of nature and act accordingly. They still live in wooden houses. The people in there, was being a part of the big picture. Like earth, water and air…

*(Mother Earth in Georgian)


Biography: She graduated from Telecommunications Engineering Programme of Michigan University in 1998, Business Administration Master Programme of Yeditepe University in 2001 and Doctorate of Business Administration Department of Management and Organization Programme in 2018. In 2008, she started by taking basic photography training from IFSAK. She was participated different kinds of advanced photography trainings. Her topics of photographic works are usually focused on humans and her seeing while travelling. Also she takes photo on documentary, street and portrait. She has lots of awards and held exhibitions in a lot of national and international competition. She has AFIAP degree.