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The plant is a laconic symbol of nature, the infinity of its perfection, the emblem of the cycle- birth, life and death. Manual printing on living and dead leaves led me to the creation of an organic emulsion extracted from plants. The resulting image - contact print of artificial flowers - is biologically evolving, with time it fades and disappears. Project creates new artistic and conceptual value for outdated manual printing techniques.

Artificial, plastic flowers, which appear to be a rough, fake, plastic copy of wildlife, turn them back into a perfect biological original. Usually, a photograph exists only as a chemical cast from reality, but here it becomes the opposite. The copy becomes living, biologically developing unlike the original itself.

In the work “Flowers” a remarkable semantic revolution takes place - a clean, quickly disappearing, living active life and therefore a copy becomes pleasing to us with its elusive beauty.

Biography: Born in 1989 in Pushkino. Graduated from the Rodchenko Art School in 2019. Photography experience since 2009. Personal exhibitions: “Resident of Silence” 2012, “Precession” 2017. Released "Arbores oculorum" manually printed photo book - only two copies, one of which is in a private collecEon, the other is exhibiting. Winner of the "VZLET" contest at the VDNKh.