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The Road


Roads are blessings to who go their fields, hope for who wait their soldiers, longing for those who are obliged to abroad, missing for those who return home. It is the pain of the mother who will bring a new life to the world. It is excitement of the father who accompanying her. It is the freshness who escape from city’s chaos. The roads are like water to the traveler; its absence is unthinkable. It is anxiety, loss to a child if there is no one to hold his hand.  A fork road is a doubt; no matter how old you are. Wherever to go, wherever come from, it is love to who couln’t remove on his mind. It is patience before to go and to come from Hacer*, after gratitude. It is unconditional devotion to Moses and their believers and it is dissaster to behind. It is migration to Mohammad and his companions, it is voices to their sound, brotherhood.

The roads are the means, to the realization of man, to the ability to make his voice heard in the universe, to his existence in this world and his integration with nature. Blood vessels of nature. The lifes passing through each vein, breathes the earth, makes life. It is dedicated to the intersecting roads, passengers and my brother who brought me together with the roads in my project

Biography: Born in 1986, Bursa. She graduated from Uludağ University Textile Engineering and Anadolu University Foreign Trade Department. Her interest of photography began in her childhood. She was in search of finding a way to turn any poem, sense or story int photography like every image has a story. She took various visual art trainings in order to continue her way consciously. She continues to seek her way by participating exhibitions and projects of "Hayatı Fotoğrafla" team.