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The Balconies

Balkonies are one of the places where urban people who lives their life between heaps of concrete, iron and glass depending on their living conditions, continue their relationship with nature. Colorful flowers planted in various sizes of pots create a joy of life for both the balcony owner and the viewers. Rather than the specially designed balconies that resemble a botanical garden, the focus is on the natural particles found in concrete city life. The series proposes to raise our heads a bit in the streets that we pass and to realize the desire of people to return to nature.

Biography: Born in 1973, Bursa. He graduated from Gazi University in 1996. His interest of photography started to Revue brand camera that he bought with internship money from Germany. He met with BUFSAD in 2018. Still working in long exposure and development workshops. In his photography works, issues involving society and people have taken priority.