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Tale of Winter in Capadokya

Each settlement in Cappadocia has witnessed different civilizations. Cappadocia that hosted Hittite, Assyrian, Persian, Phrygian, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman means Katpatuka-'Land of Beautiful Horses' in Persian. The region was called later Cappadocia in Greek.

Cappadocia region was formed by the explosion of Güllüdağ, Hasandağı and Erciyes volcanoes thousands of years ago. The fairy chimneys with or without caps have been formed from burnt or melted rocks of the volcanic mountains, ash layers and lava by the effect of wind and rain. These unique formations take Cappadocia to eternity.

Although the outer parts of the fairy chimneys were formed by nature, the people living here built castles, underground cities and churches by carving the interior of the fairy chimneys to protect themselves. In these structures, unique textures and frescoes are seen.

These churches in Cappadocia have led Turkey to become an important cultural and religious center in the world.

You must see Cappadocia to watch the harmony of the colorful balloons, to witness lace-like valleys among the vineyards in the villages, to discover and experience the infinite beauty.

Özgeçmiş: Derya Yazar was born in 1971 in Erzurum / Turkey. Since 1990 she serves as a nurse in various health facilities. She was an amateur of folk music, folk dances and actresses. In 2010, she became interested in painting. In 2011, she was interested in photography, so she could create original paintings. Derya Yazar graduated Photography and Cameraman Associate degree, Midwifery associate degree, Faculty of Economics Public Administration License degree, Health High School Midwifery Undergraduate, Okan University Master of Health Management and Haliç University Photography and Video. Derya Yazar has Birth Photography, Women Entrepreneurship, Body Language and Diction, Speed Reading, Sign Language Health Legal Expert certificates. She has more than 300 awards and titles in national and international photography competitions. Her works were featured in the common photography exhibition.