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Shameless Baths
This series is a part of my research of the place where I was born. Curative hot springs on the slopes of Mount Mashuk have been used since the 19th century. Today ordinary people build self-made baths for treatment right on the mountain to bypass expensive official bathhouses. People call this place «shameless baths». Government have tried to close baths all this years but attempts have been unsuccessful.

Biography: b.1993 - Pyatigorsk, Russia. Daniil Kolchanov works mostly with image and photography. His practice is based on documentary tradition and personal-diaristic approach that consists of mix of portraits, landscapes and still lives, that later transformed into something more complex. Analog materials and photographs as objects are also important in his artistic practices. Group exhibitions; 2017 - “Level 8”, Winzavod Art Center, Moscow, Russia, 2016 - “Equator”, Shabolovka gallery, Moscow, Russia, 2016 - “Field of View”, The Lumiere Brothers Gallery, Parallel program of The Moscow International Biennale for Young Art, Moscow, Russia, 2016 - “Another Moscow”, Rodchenko Art School Gallery, Moscow, Russia, 2015 - “Spillikins”, Zagorje gallery, Moscow, Russia. Education; 2014/2017 - The Rodchenko Art School: Documentary Photography (Igor Mukhin’s group), Moscow, Russia, 2010/2014 - Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Moscow, Russia.