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Karacasu Potteries

The craftsmen in the potteries in Karacasu county of Aydın are still producing handmade pots in authentic conditions since centuries. The ruddy soil brought from a village near to the county shows its characteristic and variety on the pots produced in those workshops. These pots are shipped from Karacasu to several cities in Turkey and also to many other countries, which is has the most capacity for pot production in our country. That business is an important livelihood for many families and provides an important economic circulation. These workshops which became very famous due to the festivals and photography tours do also contribute to the tourism potential of the county. Jugs, cups, hotpots, water containers become more popular after each left year and the product variety grows continuously in the hands of the craftsmen. Karacasu, which owns an antic city like Aphrodisias, stipulated its popularity domestically and internationally in the last time thanks to its pots and other products.

Biography: He was born in 1973 in Nazilli. Graduated from 9 Eylül University Buca Faculty of Education, Classroom Teaching. He has been working as a classroom teacher in his native Nazilli since 2009. He met photography in 1997 and in 2006 he switched to digital system. He became the founding member of the Nazilli Photography and Plastic Arts Association (NAFOD) in 2006 and served as vice president of the board. He became a member of Bursa Photographic Art Association and Kuşadası Photographic Art Association in 2010. He was awarded the Sami Güner Cup in 2012, which is considered the most prestigious project competition in Turkey. He was awarded by the World Photography Federation with the EFIAP / d1 title by FIAP for its achievements in 2018. He is still a member of Phrygian Photography Association (Afyon) and Fotografya (Adana).