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Crowded with the Nature

What is better than running away from urban life and getting completely in touch with nature? It's a place with rustling leaves just under your feet, the wind and the sound of the livings in nature. Imagine getting into the nature instantly just after you have left your house. Imagine that you wake up with the sounds of birds every day, walk among fresh flowers, and touch the soil. I invite you to get lost in nature with this study.

Biography: Born in 1965, İzmir. After Atatürk Male High School, he graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at Uludağ Universitey. He has become a doctor in 1988 and a general surgery specialist in 1994. He has been to England, Germany and the USA on the purpose of education. He developed new operation methods accepted by international literature in the field of cancer. His 110 presentations including three internationally awarded ones, essay and book caption was published in the field of surgery.

He got the award of JCI Personal Success in 2005. He was accepted the selected membership of the World Surgery Association in 2007. His first articles were published in Izmir Exspres and Yeni Asır newspaper. He was the founder of Hakimiyet, Bursa Hakimiyet, Uludağ Children Magazines and Clubs. He was the founder and manager of Olay Radio. He has participated many radio and TV programme and projects. He has been a volunteer at Bursa Researh Foundation. He was a speaker at many conference about woman education and health. He was a member of executive board at Bursa City Council. His essays about woman rights, education, health, archeology and history were published at several magazines and newspapers.

He has 4 published books named “İçimdeki Gökkuşağı” (Rainbow Inside Me), “Bursa'nın Kadın Yüzü” (Woman Face of Bursa), “40 Yaş-Kızıma Mektuplar” (40s-Letter to My Daughter) and “Sağlık Tarihi” (Health History). The income of the books has donated to cancer patients and students. He has also 12 solo photographic exhibitions.

He organized the group exhibition titled “Griye Veda, Renklere Merhaba” (Goodbye to Gray, Welcome to Colors) and the project FOTOIMECE, which is still going on, in 2008.

He has given 'Anatomy' course as a lecturer at the Vocational School of Health of Balıkesir University between the years of 2007 and 2009.

He was selected as a councilor for CHP Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and Nilüfer Municipality in 2009. He was selected as CHP Bursa deputy for the 25th and 26th term after the pre-election in 2015.