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From Stud Farm to Hippodrome

Horses existed in many areas of our lives; from the workforce to wars, from carry load to travel. They took a part in our culture too, in our legends, tales and folk songs. Even neighbour cultures come with Turks and horses. We can see these beautiful creatures that slowly disappear from our lives with industrialization, usually in hipodromes in cities.

‘From Stud to Hippodrome’ project, focused on the people works behind this showcase. It was made to show their lives, feelings, habits briefly their lives. Hundreds of people working from vaccination of mare to the birth of foal, from breeding to competition. Daily practices of these people who are not seen in front of television are reflected in their thoughts, lifestyles and conversations...

Thanks for the Turkey Joker Club and their employees for helping my project.

Biography: Born in 1978, Sivas. He completed his primary, secondary and highschool education in Antalya. He graduated from Mecheanical Engeneering Programme of Middle East Technical University. He still works in a private company.  He met with photography in 2009. Since then, he photographs of the people who live in our country’s regions and their values of culture. He is a member of BUFSAD since 2011. He took place in national and international organizations and various civil society initiatives. He held his first solo exhibition in 2014.