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The Flowers of Uludağ


Until today, many books on Uludağ plants have been published. When we look at the photo catalog, we found that there is no qualified catalog work. Together with the team of macro photographers, we decided to prepare a photo catalog book named ' The Flowers of Uludağ’. Work began in September 2018 and it is still continue. This study is planned to be a 3-year study. The sample work that has been done so far has been presented to the appreciation of you, photographers.

Team Members;

Ali Rıza Özer, Aysel Çetin, Ayşegül Atila, Ayten Kartal, Handan Özer, Levent Şengül, Rafet Güccan, Taner Çetin, Yener Gündüz

Biography: It was founded in 2016 by photographer Ali Rıza Özer. The aim was to educate the photographer candidates who are passionate about nature and bring them to the art world. For this purpose, many photographers were trained. In 2018, the works started to prepare a photo catalog of “The Flowers of Uludağ” together with the group members and still continue.