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Face to Nature

The air we breathe, the water we drink, the earth we feed on; in general terms, is the living space of all living things. If we are indifferent to the protection of the environment and nature we are in and to transfer it to future generations, we are not aware of the great danger that awaits us. What I want to express in my photo is that this supineness will one day turn around and affect all humanity negatively and eventually we will have to pay a price against nature. We need to know each of our forests value these days when we need a single tree. Because air pollution will cause very serious chronic diseases in the future. According to a recent study, just breathing city air is as harmful as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day. So why should we do this to ourselves and our children?

Biography: Born in 1988, Bursa. She completed Primary and high school in Bursa. She finished Department of Environmental Engineering of Balıkesir University. She Works as a quality manager at a private company. Her interest of photography began during her university years. She took her basic education at İFSAK. Currently she is continuing to work as a member of the Visual Culture Association.